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Miss Priss and I in the tunnel

We have had a fun few days here at the C residence!  We’ve had park adventures, outings with Mammer, outings with Mimi, and great playdates!  I’ll be sharing pictures of our adventures throughout this post.

I have been truly blessed with some new people in my life.  One of them is my neighbor, Mrs. J.  She is one of the most amazing mothers I have ever met.  She has so much patience, love, and laid backness(is that even a word).

I feel like a ball of stress a lot when it comes to my kids.  I feel like I lose my patience too much and too quickly with them.  Since meeting her, my stress level has gone way down.  I am so thankful that she has kiddos the same ages as mine.  They LOVE to play together.

She has given me some wonderful advice and taught me how to be more laid back.  I don’t think she knows it, but she has.  Thanks Mrs. J!

Lilest' C and Miss Priss

On to our adventures!  TGD has been doing GREAT in preschool.  He LOVES going and talks about his teachers all the time!  I am so thankful!

Miss Priss and I have gotten to spend a lot of quality time together while bubs is away at preschool.  She is such a funny little kid!  She is walking around everywhere in her little walker and smiles all the time!  She is so much fun!  It is so amazing to see how excited her and TGD when they see each other while I’m picking TGD up from school!

Lil' C as a bear! RAWR!

We have been having lots of playdates with Mrs. J and her kiddos!  They are so much fun!  TGD got to dress up like a frog(he will KILL me later for letting him do this, but hey, its cute!) and have fun with his friend Lil’ C.  TGD hopped around the room in the frog costume saying “Ribbip.” Funniest word ever!Lilest’ C and Miss Priss have a good time taking things from each other.  It is pretty funny!

He is going to KILL me when he gets older....for real!

We all went to the park yesterday!  TGD tore that park up, he ran around everywhere!  He loves wide open spaces!

Miss Priss and Lilest’ C enjoyed their time in the tunnel peeping out of the little holes.  It was the CUTEST thing ever!  That was the only place they could crawl and NOT have to be on mulch….OUCH!

TGD playing!

Starting this week, Miss Priss will be going to her Mimi and Papaw’s house on Tuesday and Thursday nights for a few hours.  This will give them some bonding time with her and give TGD and I some time to spend together.  It really has been a good thing for both of them.

TGD and I painted on Tuesday night.  His Mammer came over and brought him pizza, cookies , and candy (his Mammer is the ONLY person allowed to do this.  I hate giving him junk, but that is “their” thing).  We had a great time visiting with her.  Tonight, Mammer and I took TGD to the park and to Frischs.

He was not so good tonight.  He was EXHAUSTED the whole night, so he was grumpy.  It was still nice to get to spend some time with my boy.  My favorite part of the night is when we cuddled in my bed and watched “The Big Bang Theory.” If you have not watched this show, it is a MUST see (go here to watch a clip of Klingon boggle!)!

Big Bang Theory! 🙂

Overall, it has been a great, but busy week.  Tomorrow morning I have bible study and I will be having a yard sale on Saturday (if you want more information email me at  I hope you have a blessed rest of the week and weekend!

Have you laughed today? hehe!


Blur and Scariest three minutes EVER!



Do you ever feel like your days are one big blur?  Kind of all smushed together?  I have totally been feeling that way lately.

I just recently made the transition into a full time SAHM and I swear all my days are the same.  For example, I’ll be telling someone about taking the kiddos to the park and I will have to seriously pick my brain to figure out which day we went!  Any others going through this?

It is driving me CRAZY!  All day yesterday for some reason I thought it was Thursday and today was Friday!  Even AFTER looking at a calendar (sad, but true), later on in the day I somehow got to the thought that today was Friday.  Oh well, this too will pass, right? If not, I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world.

How I was probably looking during the scariest moment of my life

Okay, so you will probably judge me, but oh well.  Today I experienced the SCARIEST three minutes of my life.  Let me give you a little background before I go into the details.

TGD is behind developmentally.  He has receptive learning and auditory processing issues(you can Google it to get more info).  Basically, he has trouble processing what is going into his brain.  He also has attention issues.  He is three and we have been told by a psychologist(we had testing done on him) that he will probably end up with ADHD when he gets older.

WELL, with all of this going on, poor thing doesn’t understand danger.  He doesn’t understand that if you go out in the street a car might hit you, or if you touch the stove it is hot and will burn you, etc.  If you don’t have an eye on him constantly, he can get away in a split second. Honestly, this has been hard on me.  I think God gave me TGD so I could work on my patience, because trust me, for about 2 years my patience has been tried. lol

Anywho, onto the scariest three minutes of my life.  I was out back with my neighbor Mrs. J and two of her kiddos, Lil’ C and Lilest’ C.  Our kids play together all the time because they are extremely close in age.  Our backyard is fenced in, but we did not have it locked, but it was closed.  WELL, MRs. J and I were going through some of TGD’s old clothes and she was picking out what she wanted for her little one.

TGD and Lil’ C (Mrs. J’s daughter) were playing.  I looked up and around the backyard and TGD was NOWHERE to be found.  I FREAKED!  I immediately ran out the gate looking for him.  I ran up the house, around the house to our neighbors jungle gym(his fav place). No TGD.

I was about to hyperventilate at that point.  I ran into the house calling for him, nothing.  I then ran all around the house, nothing.  Mrs. J didn’t see him either, but the neighbors that were out didn’t see him leave the backyard.  I went into the backyard in one last desperate attempt to find him.

All of a sudden I see this little head pop up from the empty pool.  He had been laying down in the pool the whole time.  I have NEVER felt so relieved my whole entire life.  He hadn’t gotten away after all…thank the Lord!  For those three minutes I was TERRIFIED and felt like the WORST mom in the world.

The whole ordeal only lasted a few minutes, but those were the LONGEST three minutes of my entire life.  I explained to TGD after that, when I called his name he needed to say something.  The lil’ booger was being exactly that.

Whew! What a day!  I will be so thankful when my head hits the pillow tonight!  Stay tuned for another blog post tonight! 🙂



I hope everyone has had a great week so far, and had a great weekend.  My weekend was stupendous!  My week has been pretty ordinary.

I am so excited to share my weekend with you!  Mr. C finally had a day off on Sunday!  We started the day off in church!  It was wonderful!  It felt so good praising God together. 🙂

After church we headed over to Evan’s Orchard and Cider Mill in Georgetown.  It is seriously the PERFECT family place!  They have a play land, petting zoo, hay rides, pumpkin patch, and more! TGD LOVED the play land!  His favorite thing was the humongous slides!  He also got to ride a camel with Mr. C aka Daddy.

Miss Priss and TGD got to ride ponies!  They were sooo cute on their ponies.  TGD kept looking and me and go “I ride horse!”  He was sooo excited!

I promise I’ll post pictures of our adventure soon! 🙂

After the orchard Mr. C and I went on our first date in a VERY long time!  We went out for sushi.  It was sooo yummy!  We had a wonderful time.

Oh yeah, on our way home from the orchard we go to see part of one of the events at The World Equestrian Games.  We saw riders and their horses making their way through the endurance competition!  It was SOOO cool to see such a huge part of history!   I have also dubbed The World Equestrian Games the “WEGS.”  My hubby thinks its silly….but he even used the term after I dubbed it! 😉

After that we went to go see the movie Easy A.  It was HILARIOUS.  I would not recommend it to you if you are easily offended.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

It was truly a blessing to get to spend those few hours with Mr. C.  His work schedule has been hard on us and we needed that time.  He is an amazing husband and father, and I am truly blessed.

God gave me a wonderful life.  Things may seem hard, and even bleak at some points, but I could not ask for a better family and life.  Have a blessed day!

What are you thankful for?  Share in the comments!



TGD and me in his innocent days! 🙂

Three glorious years of TGD not escaping from his room at night was finally ended tonight.  When TGD goes to bed we put the door handle cover on the inside of his door so he can’t get out.  He never really tries to get out.  Before I go to bed I open his door if he needs to get out.  He usually ends up in the bed with me in the middle of the night.

Well, he has figured out how to get the door handle cover off the door AND figured out how to open the safety gate at the top of the stairs.  All in the matter of one night.  Tonight.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been in the middle of a timed test.  He kept wanting my attention and bugging me.  I love the little booger to death, but after his bedtime is the time I do homework, clean, blog, etc.  I tried to convince him to sit on the couch with a movie on.  He wasn’t having it.  He wanted to sit in my lap and wanted to “Hold You”(In TGD language this means hold me).

I sat at the computer with a toddler in my lap and finished my test.  Luckily he didn’t touch any buttons.  I got a B on the test (woot!).  Tomorrow night I’m going to try the “Nanny Jo” method and keep putting him back in his bed without saying a word.  Anyone have any suggestions?

I love this guy!

I have some WONDERFUL news!  Mr. C and I will be going on a date ALONE for the first time in EONS!  I can not remember the last time we went out without any kids.  I am ecstatic.  I miss him to death . He works 7 days a week almost every week and works 10-12 hours a day. We are getting sushi and watching a movie!!  We are also going to an orchard in Georgetown with the kiddos tomorrow!

Amy and I (Shortly after MP was born)

I also got a visit from my sweet friend Amy today.  I don’t get to see her a lot, so it was special to get to see her today.  Tonight in the bath Trent actually started singing a song about seeing Amy.  It was cute!  He <3’s his Amy!

When was your last date night and what did you do?

Funny thing…


Man, God really has a great sense of humor….seriously.

Tonight has been a stressful night here at the house of the C’s!  TGD has been true to his name…..and greatly destroyed my house.  He felt like being EXTRA defiant tonight.  Everytime I said no, he’d turn around do it anyways, and then laugh.   I guess he thinks he’s quite the comedian.

Miss Priss was also being wild tonight.  She was being quite the diva.  If something did not go her way, you knew it.

Needless to say I was ready to pull my hair out at about 7:30.  I changed my Facebook status to

“Having one of those nights…..I may pull enough hair out to be bald by tomorrow :S”

Seriously…bad night.  Well, it got worse.  TGD knocked over his sister(which of course made her cry. Note, Miss Priss doesn’t just cry….she SCREAMS), attempted to dump water into my hair dryer, and just defied my every wish.  I was READY to put them in bed.  So my status became:

“Is it bad to praise the Lord for kiddos bedtime? lol”

Of course I meant this lovingly and jokingly (kind of).  Well, I got them bathed and ready for bed.  The three of us crawled into my bed, and the SWEETEST things happened.  Yes, things, plural.  TGD was blowing raspberries on my stomach which was funny enough BUT then MP at nine months, attempted to copy her brother.  Sweet thing kept burying her face into my stomach.

At one point both of them were laying all snuggled up to me.  They both laid their heads on me and my heart melted. ❤ I got a gazillion kisses from both of them and had a wonderful time right before bedtime.  In the midst of this love fest, I DID praise the Lord for bedtime.  He gave me these wonderful blessings that love me unconditionally.  I felt SOOO guilty for being sooo stressed out earlier.

God is good and always has a sense of humor.  He does a good job at putting things in perspective.  Even when you are having the WORST of nights, he will find a way to make you smile and praise him! 🙂

The sweetest blessings! 🙂 My all time favorite picture!



I found a wonderfully awesome website called Dailybooth.  It is quite hilarious actually.  Let’s be honest….how many times do you(especially ladies) take a pic before going out?  Yeah…I’m guilty!  Why not send it out to the world? That is the gist of Daily Booth. Upload a pic and leave a caption…it is THAT easy. lol

(Can’t see the video? Go here)

There is a whole video dedicated to Daily Booth.  This is actually how I found Daily Booth.The awesome sexiness of Ashton Kutcher is in it!  And for you gentlemen, Demi Moore also graces the video with her presence.  It’s a pretty awesome video….worth it to watch it to the end!


Ashton on Daily Booth ❤

So far I’ve only snapped one picture….but we’ll see if it becomes an addiction.


My First Daily Booth Pic....WAAAY cheesy!

Have you Dailyboothed today?

The Best Part of Waking Up


Oh, did you think I was going to say Folgers in your cup?  Trust me….I wish it was Folgers in my cup!  This morning I woke up to a LOVELY present from Miss Priss.  She woke up cooing and as happy as could be…then I heard it….and then saw it.  She pooped….and it was EVERYWHERE!  Up her back….practically up to her head, on her legs.  It was the dump in the bath kind of poop.  Just the wake up call I needed this morning.  Moms and dads….I know you’ve been there.  Nothing like rolling out of bed, cleaning up poop, getting it all over yourself in the process, and hopping in the tub with the baby.  Thank goodness TGD is still in bed.

Big ol' knot on her pretty little head

The Culprit

And onto Miss Priss’s next adventure this morning.  She lost to the chair AGAIN.  We have these chairs with wooden squared off frames (does that make sense?) that she LOVES to pull up on.  A couple of weeks ago she pulled up on one, slipped, and hit her pretty lil’ noggin’ on the corner(Pause…I’m taking a picture so I can show you what the chairs look like….they are hard to describe).  She had a big bruise with a line right up the middle.  This morning she lost, again.  Once again, she has big ol’ knot on her pretty little head. I think it is time for these chairs to retire from our living room.

Big ol' knot on his is on the right side, its kinda hard to see straight on, but from the side you can tell its definitely there!

My kids are so accident prone it seems.  I told you I would share the story of my son knocking HIS head at the library.  Here it goes.  Yesterday TGD got out of preschool at 10:30(early release day) and we went to the library for Story Time at 11:00.  TGD is  a ball of energy and WILL NOT sit down during story time…I’ve given up trying to force him.  He has a good time either way.  Anywho, during one of his escapades he was running FULL SPEED to the door, tripped, and  the door caught his head.  Poor little guy cried and cried!  Left a pretty little lump.


Today has still been a good day so far.  Hubby got me some Ale-8 in the glass bottles last night(this is the best way to enjoy the experience in my opinion)!  I needed it!  He is so kind and thoughtful!  He volunteered to work a 12 hour shift last night.  He takes such good care of our family and works hard so I can be a SAHM(Stay at Home Mom).  Love you honey!

Jet tubs + Bubble bath=Bubble covered boy! He was trying to escape the madness!

And now I leave you with this HILARIOUS picture to start your day!  Pretty sure TGD will kill me later on in life for posting this picture….trust me, this picture will be shown to any and ALL future gf’s of his! 😉

Share your kids “poop” stories in the comments….come on…I know you have em’!