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TGD back in the day! Wasn't he adorable?


Alright moms and dads…I need a little advice!  TGD has started an awful habit of either falling asleep in our bed or making his way into our bed at night.  This has become an every night thing.  I put him back in his room, and he comes right back!  I wouldn’t mind it if he didn’t manage to take up the whole bed lying horizontally.  I know this is a habit we need to kick.

What is your advice?  Share in the comments!




I apologize for not updating this info earlier, but as you can see from the last post, it has been a wild ride here at the C residence.

In loving memory Ewan Eliezer Petermann 18 September 2010 - 3 October 2010


I had previously posted about Baby Ewan.  My last post was about his passing.  His funeral was on Saturday.  Please, Please. Please pray for his family.  They are hurting so bad.  I can not imagine the loss of a child.

The sweet baby was only 16 days old.  I have been following his blog for awhile and been taken through the journey of his life and his parents life. He had a severe heart condition and had to have emergency surgery at 5 days old.  He left this world in his mother’s arms on October 3rd.

I have cried with them, celebrated small victories with them, and been moved by their story.

His parents have been through hell and back.  You can go here to read more on sweet Baby Ewan. Pray.


Baby Joshua August 16, 2010-October 6, 2010


Secondly, another family has lost a child.  I have been keeping up with Baby Joshua and his family on his momma’s blog.  Like Ewan,he had a heart condition. He fought long and hard and passed away from cardiac arrest.  He was 7 weeks old.

Sadly, less than 24 hours after his death, his mother’s blog was attacked by inactivists.  They were telling her that she killed her baby by allowing him to have a circumcision.  I could not believe how cruel people could be, especially to a grieving mother.

His mother is a strong woman.  She has choses to forgive these people.  Let us pray that God will soften their hearts.

Joshua is survived by 2 siblings and his parents.  Please pray for Jill and Shane.


Hug your kids and hold them tight!

What a Week!


It has been a crazy week here at the C house.  Between ear infections, strep throat, and sinus infections we couldn’t catch a break!  I am so thankful that last week is OVER!

Here is a brief recap of the the week:

Monday: Uneventful.  Played with the neighbor’s kiddos.


And it begins….

  • 7:50 AM: TGD REFUSES to go to school.  Kicks his shoes off in the classroom, lays down in the floor, throws a fit.  TGD wins and gets to go home.
  • 11:30 AM:  Mrs. C starts feeling kinda icky.  Beginnings of a sore throat and a little achy
  • 4:00 PM Mrs. C is feeling AWFUL.  Takes 2 Ibuprofen.  Fever=99.7
  • 4:05 PM Mr. C leaves for a long night at work
  • 6:00 PM Mrs. C is down for the count. Fever=100.5
  • 7:00 PM Mrs. C is on the phone trying to contact the Nurses Line through insurance company
  • 7:10 PM TGD and Miss Priss are SICK of momma sitting on the phone, waiting for a nurse and start acting up
  • 7:15 Mrs. C still on the phone, on the verge of a breakdown. Fever=102  TGD pulls poop out of his diaper and MP is screaming.
  • 7:16 Mrs. C hangs up the phone (without talking to a nurse), breaks down and cries and calls Mr. C
  • 7:20 Mr. C finally calls Mrs. C back and gets the FIL (father-in-law) to come get TGD
  • 7:22 Mrs. C lays screaming MP in crib and gets TGD in the bath tub
  • 7:30 FIL picks TGD up and Mrs. C makes MP a bottle
  • 7:35 MP is out like a light
  • 8:00 PM Mrs. C tries the nurse line again Fever 102.8
  • 9:00 PM Mrs. C FINALLY gets a call back from a nurse .  Fever 103.1 Gets instructions from nurse.  Kind of follows (takes 3 ibuprofen instead of two)
  • 9:00PM-6:00 AM  Mrs. C is up all night with a fever that won’t go below 102.8.  It reached 103.6 at one point.  Scary!


  • 6:00 AM Mr. C arrives home from work and helps take care of Mrs. C
  • 8:00 AM MP wakes up from sleeping all night (this is seriously a PRAISE…it is RARE that she does this!)
  • 10:15 AM Mrs. C heads over to doctor
  • 11:17 AM Mrs. C and MP arrive at the doctor
  • 11:20 Mrs. C gets a call from MIL telling her that TGD had to go to the doctor.  Diagnosis: Ear infection and sinus infection (poor guy)
  • 11:30 AM  Mrs. C gets a diagnosis of strep throat
  • 12:30 PM Mrs. C and MP arrive home.  Mrs. C gives Mr. C MP and attempts to take a nap
  • 12:30-3:30 Mrs. C. lays down.  Mr. C watches MP and gets Mrs. C’s meds.
  • 4:00 PM Mr. C leaves for work.  Mrs. C notices that MP is a little fussy and feels warm.  Temp: 100 (MP)
  • 4:00-7:30 PM Mrs. C and MP play and chill out
  • 7:30-8:00 PM MP gets ready for bed.  Mrs. C determines that TGD is staying another night at Mimi and Papaw’s house
  • 8:00 PM Mrs. C and MP go to bed!


  • 8:00 AM  Mrs. C and MP get up.  MP has a dr. appt. at 11:00
  • 11:00 AM Arrive at Dr.
  • 11:05 AM  Get into room.  MP weights 20lbs 13 oz.
  • 11:10 AM  Dr. determines MP has an ear infection.
  • 12:00 PM MP and Mrs. C arrive at Kroger to do some grocery shopping.  I DO NOT recommend this to anyone that is sick.  It is NOT fun
  • 1:17 PM Pick TGD up LATE from school
  • 1:30-8:00 PM All three lounge around the house

We are FINALLY getting back into the swing of things this week.  We had a pretty big weekend, but I’ll share that in another post.

What did you do when your WHOLE family was sick?  How did you manage?  Share in the comments!

Cooking 101


MMM...fried chicken! Yeah, well not when I make it! lol

Okay, so I’m not the best cook in the world.  If you come over for dinner you’ll definitely want my husband to cook the meal.  It is not that I can’t cook, I’m just not great at it.

Which leads me into my story tonight.  I will say this REALLY wasn’t exactly my fault, just bad circumstances.

My neighbor Mrs. J and I decided to cook dinner for the kids together.  We decided on fried chicken drumsticks, corn on the cob, and scalloped potatoes.  Sounds easy enough, right?

We got over to my house and thawed out the chicken.  Mrs. J started cooking the corn and I started the scalloped potatoes. The kids were running around and being wild, as usual.  I think at one point I had eight kids in my house!  Talk about a zoo!

Anywho, the chicken thawed so I prepped it.  I seasoned it, dipped it in the egg mixture, and covered it in the flour mixture.  I a couple into the deep fryer.  We were on a roll.  While the chicken was cooking the corn got done and the scalloped potatoes were finished as well.

After cooking four pieces of chicken we started getting the plates ready.  Let me tell you, the chicken looked DELICIOUS, all golden brown and crispy.  The kids started to eat.  Mrs. J started to pull a piece of chicken about for her little boy, and to our horror, it wasn’t done!  We had cooked them for about 15 minutes each. We freaked!

We took the chicken away from the kiddos(luckily none of them started eating it).  They were all bloody and gross inside.  We had to cook them more.


In the meantime, I started to cut corn off the cob for MP.  I tasted it, and spit it out.  It was DISGUSTING!  It was frozen corn and all we did was boil it.  Well, apparently it wasn’t good anymore.  Mrs. J had JUST bought it last month.  IDK? It was sour and did not taste like corn.

All the kids had left were the potatoes.   Mrs. J ran home to get canned corn and I continued to cook the chicken.   We FINALLY got the chicken cooked and some good corn.  By that time the kids didn’t want to eat.

This whole ordeal lasted a couple of hours.  Oh well!  You live and you learn.  We decided next time we would make a frozen lasagna or something.

I have never had THAT bad of an ordeal cooking.  No more fried drumsticks for me!

Share your cooking disaster in the comments!



I decided to try out this cool WordPress app on my iPhone! So here is my first “phlog.” (I couldn’t think of what else to call it!)

TGD is currently ill. The poor guy vomited in school on Friday and hasn’t been 100%! He now has cold symptoms with a fever. No school got him tomorrow.

MP is doing good. She is spool close to standing by herself. She could do it but she lacks the confidence. Another bug milestone has been reached with her. she is sleeping in her own room now!

She is 9.5 months old. I may or may not have some attachment issues. She has done well. She has slept all night two nights in a row! I call that a victory!

Mr. C had the day off! This is a rare thing and we were happy to have him home! We are going to try to watch a movie tonight! I am stoked!

Mr. C and I are going to start “The Love Dare” series. I am excited to see where this may take us!

It has been a good, but short weekend. Have a great night!!

Tell me in the comments about your weekend!

My ladies man back in the day!

Get your Kleenex ready


Over the past several months it seems I keep coming across some pretty amazing stories about how little ones touch the world.  I’ll explain that in a few moments.

I’ll start with tonight.  I met an amazing mother at Children’s Place tonight.  I was there with the MIL and TGD and MP shopping.  Just doing our thing.

This one sweet little boy caught MP’s eyes and she couldn’t stop giggling at him.  He was a firey red-headed cutie, probably about 8 years old.  I walked over there with MP and let her giggle at the little boy.

The mom was holding a little girl.  She was a DOLL baby.  She was three months old.  The mom told me that she was a twin, but her brother died at three days old.  My heart SANK and I almost LOST it in Children’s Place.  I told her how sorry I was for her loss.

We continued to talk for a few minutes and I headed back over to my MIL and TGD.  I can’t remember why, but Reese and I went back over there and the mom and I started talking again.  She shared with me that her little girl was in the hospital for six weeks.  I asked her if the twins were preemies and she said they weren’t.

They were only three weeks early.  The little boy weighed over 7lbs and the little girl was almost 7lbs.  She didn’t share details on what happened to the little boy, but I know that her little girl was a miracle.

She shared a story that brings me to tears even thinking about it.  I was telling her what a good big brother her oldest son was.  She said he really is.  Then she proceeded to tell me that the first time he came and saw his sister at the hospital was rough.  She said that he came in and saw the IV in his sister’s head and started crying.

One of the first things he said to his sister as she was laying there in the hospital was “Sissy, if you come home I promise I won’t ever be mean to you.”  I was floored.  It was amazing to me that such a sweet little boy would say that to his lil’ sissy.  In that moment, he KNEW that he loved his sister more than anything and wanted her to get better.

How AMAZING is that?


It seems like stories like these are creeping into my life.  My first heart-wrenching exposure to an infant fighting for their life was Baby Luke. Brit over at DaveandBritPlusOne shared a link on Facebook to the blog Luke’s parents created to give updates on him.  She asked everyone to pray for Luke. Baby Luke went to be with Jesus shortly after I was exposed to the blog.  I read the blog religiously for updates and prayed hard for this little guy.

Luke got me praying again.  I know that sounds crazy, but honestly, it had been awhile since God and I had chatted.  Luke had a HUGE impact on my life, and I never even met the little man.  Luke has and will continue to outlive his life!


Kristin and Benson still update Luke’s blog and she shared a link to a blog for Baby Ewan.  Please check out that blog and PRAY.  The parents are at a crossroad and are about to have to make some tough decisions.  Ewan is 2 weeks old and not doing so well.  I believe he has some problems with his heart, and him and his family need prayer.  Please pray!


The second “heart” baby as they call it I’ve been exposed to is Baby Bowen.  Bowen is the son of Sanctus Real’s lead singer, Matt.  Right now Bowen is improving and in moderate care, but still needs prayers!  Head on over here to check out his blog.

So why this post you ask?  These stories have been laying heavily on my heart.  There have been more instances where this has popped up, and I don’t think it is a coincidence.  I am not sure where God is taking me by leading me to these stories, but we will see.

As a mother, I can not imagine the loss of a child.  I love TGD and MP soooo much!

Please pray for Luke’s family, Baby Ewan and his family, and Baby Bowen and his family!  Have a blessed day! 🙂

Have you talked to God today?