Monthly Archives: February 2011



Okay…so I won’t even count the months that have gone by since my last post.  Bad…I know.  We have been super busy these past several months.  We have had a series of MRSA infections(that’s a whole post in itself), a blessed Christmas, a happy New Year, and I am one busy momma.

The reason I felt compelled to write today is I need some advice….and maybe some words of wisdom. 🙂

I have been struggling with finding my calling.  What am I supposed to do with my life? What direction does God want me to go?  It’s been sooo confusing for me lately.  I want to find my purpose on this earth.

Today I had a glimpse at MAYBE what God wants me to do.  Well, kind of.  He’s been laying something heavily on my heart.  Here’s the back story of today.

My son goes to Occupational and Speech therapy on Mondays.  I get to see adults and children with disabilities all the time.  I am currently in school for teaching, but I am unsure what “subject” I want to teach.  I am considering special education, but I’m not sure.

Well today I got the opportunity to speak with a young man who was in a car wreck 6 years ago.  He is a year younger than me.  He was in a coma for six months and had to have 21 surgeries.  It is truly a miracle that he is alive and well today.

The accident caused some severe brain damage amongst other things.  His story broke my heart.  I wish there was a way I could help him.

It laid heavily on my heart on the car ride home.  I am STILL thinking about it.  In high school I actually helped at several Occupational and Physical therapy type camps and really enjoy working with children with special needs.  It truly brought my heart joy to work with them.

Maybe this is what God wants me to do?  Become a special education teacher?  But how do you really know?? I want to be a light for the Lord and I just wonder if this is the direction I am supposed to take.

I’m going to continue praying about it.  See where the Lord takes me.

My question to you…how did you know where God was calling you?  Was it clear as mud or crystal?  Where did God lead you?  I would LOVE to hear your stories!
Please pray for this family.  Read their story here.  They just recently lost their 4 month old daughter, Maddie, suddenly and with no explaination.