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Burn Baby Burn


We are sitting around on this lazy day watching Sesame Street.  I hear a constant stream of “NONONONO”(from MP of course) and TGD pestering her.  I swear that girl can say no more times in a row than anyone I know.  She is soooo bossy and a little diva.   TGD has learned how to push her buttons.  sibling loves

Now onto why the title is burn baby burn.  TGD learned a VERY important lesson this week.  Hot stoves are REALLY hot.  I made the kiddos eggs on Tuesday.  After they were cooked I dumped them in a bowl and put the pan in the sink to rinse it off. (Did you know it is SUPER hard to get eggs off a pan after it has sat in the sink all day?). Anywho….I turned around and saw TGD trying to reach in the bowl of eggs.  I told him not to touch them because they were hot.  Turned back around and rinsed out my pan.

Two seconds later I hear a scream and then crying.  TGD had touched the burner on the stove that I had JUST turned off.  His fingers immediately started to blister.  I immediately gave him a big hug and then took him to the computer with me to Google “first degree burn treatment.”

This has been a traumatic couple of days for him.  He has already successfully chewed off all the blisters. *cringe*  Today has not been so bad.  He has not complained as much about it hurting, which is good.  The poor guy won’t keep a bandaid on his finger to save his life.  As we all know, if the burns are covered it doesn’t hurt as bad.

Oh and did I mention he got attacked by a rooster at my parents house this past Sunday?  Yeah….definitely not TGD’s week.  (He is fine btw….just some scratches on his back).

I’m thinking we are going to try some hardcore potty training starting next week.  I am sick of a certain little one taking their diaper off and then proceeding to pee in the floor.  This will be our 4th? attempt potty training.  As you saw in the previous post, potties are not for pee and poo.  They are definitely for cups, toys, and whatever else fits in them.  Let’s see if we can change that next week.

I am trying to get things organized(God help me) and so a family schedule and plan is in the works.  Last night I cleaned out the filing cabinet.  Tonight is my closet.  I will take a before(embarrassing) and after picture.


So I’m sure some of you are like what the heck is a TGD and a MP.  Here ya go:

TGD=The Great Destroyer



Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.   1 Peter 5:7


This Has Gotta Be The Good Life



1.  Miss Priss was hospitalized for 6 days with MRSA.

2. TGD finished his first year of preschoool. 😦

3.  Took a family trip to Sheperdsville.  Read about it here.

4.  Miss Priss can talk up a storm now.

5.  Mrs. C completed another semester of school (wahoo!)

6. Mr. C is on a 7 day a week work schedule….NOT FUN!

7. Potty Training FAIL!

Other than that nothing too exciting has gone on.  No birthdays yet….TGD will be 4 next month.  Where does time go?


What brand of bike with training wheels would be good for a 4 year old?  Share in the comments!  I need help !



Great Destroyer and Miss Priss

Baby Loves

As many of you may or may not know, I closed down the Just a Clip Away blog.  I haven’t blogged there in about a month and I am having blog withdrawl.  I intend to come here and post AT LEAST once a week about the happenings(or not happenings) at the C house!  I miss sharing stories with you all and being able to express myself through this outlet.   Join me tonight to read about the updated C clan and see how our fairy tale unfolds! ❤