What a controversial issue nowadays.   It is SOOOO confusing to “parent’ in this day in age.  There are so many books, opinions, rights and wrongs, and fears.

Questions that CONSTANTLY go through my head are:

  • Are we going to mess up our kid doing this or that?
  • Should I spank him/her here in the store, or will someone call CPS on me?
  • Is this the right way to punish him/her?
  • Can he/she really help “X” behavior?

Obviously there are more questions….but those are the basics.  Why can’t we just go back to the basics?  Why does it have to be all this psychology babble?  Do THEY really know what is best for my child?  Or do I?

YES…I DO!  I am SOOO sick of worrying about what OTHER people think of me for disciplining my kids.  Parents have LOST control of their kids these days….and there is a reason for that.

I was recently introduced to an amazing book called “Parenting by the Book.”  It is all based on the Biblical principles of discipline.  It is a back to the basics approach and it MAKES sense.   It has made the BIGGEST difference in my children’s behavior.

Instead of feeling helpless and like I’ve lost control of my kids…I am BACK in control.  I no longer make excuses for them(like they don’t know what they are doing).  I TEACH them that what they are doing is wrong.

My yes is now yes and my no is now no.  TGD has picked up on that QUICK.  I used to be wishy washy about my no’s and would give in a lot of times.  Now when I say no…he knows I mean it. I now follow through….no more 2nd, 3rd, or 4th chances. I don’t argue with him either.  When he tries to tell me over and over that he is going to do something and I have already told him no…..I ignore him.   It is working like a charm.

I want my children to grow up with amazing character, to be humble, and productive citizens.  God really did get it right when he taught us how to discipline our children.  It is all right there in His word.

I am certainly no expert on parenting and I am learning every single day. But I will no longer worry about what other people think of the way I discipline my children.   I know my kids will love me later in life for teaching them the important things in life.  This is an important season of life and I think we are all hoping just to get it right.

I would highly recommend snatching up Parenting by the Book by John Rosemond.  It has helped us tremendously with discipline and teaching.  Thanks for listening reading my babble! Stepping down off my soapbox…

In other news….TGD will be leaving me for a week to go to the beach with his Mimi.  I have already had my breakdown over it….and letting him go tomorrow night is going to be SOOOO hard.  I have never been away from him this long.  Pray for us! He will definitely have fun at the beach…hopefully he won’t forget about me!

Mr. C has to work on Sunday.  This is a HUGE bummer.  Seriously….can his job not give him just ONE day off every once in awhile….especially a holiday weekend? UGH!  So frustrating!

Not much else going on in our lives right now.  🙂

Have a blessed Labor Day weekend!





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