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Broken Knees


This week is going to be a HARD week for this momma and possibly for TGD.  Not only does TGD start preschool on Thursday he ALSO turns FOUR on Thursday.  Where does time go?

We had a visit with his teacher this morning which made things a little too real.  This momma actually started CRYING in front of the teacher when she talked about dropping TGD off on Thursday AM.  YES…I am THAT mom.  UGH….I am so dreading the day after tomorrow.

We do have some special things planned for TGD this week.  We will celebrate his bday as a family on Thursday before Mr. C heads to work.  TGD will have some presents to open, get his favorite meal(cheeseburgers!), and get some yummy cake!  Sunday is his big birthday bash.  We will be celebrating at a local park with a Blue’s Clues themed party!

If you didn’t know my mom is a SAINT!  She is quite the party queen.  She has helped me plan everything and has some cute ideas! She’ll be coming over a couple of times this weekend to help me get everything ready!  Thanks momma!

Miss Priss will start a “sort of” preschool next week.  I got a job at a Mother’s Day Out preschool at a local church as a 1 year old teacher(such a FUN age).  MP will be attending the two year old class while I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I am actually looking forward to this for her.  She doesn’t get a whole of time with kiddos her own age and I think this will be great for her.

So far we have had a pretty good week.  TGD had his speech and occupational therapy on Monday which he ALWAYS loves going to.   Tomorrow is grocery shopping….I can’t contain my excitement.  And Thursday is D-Day.  Say a prayer.


Today TGD fell and scraped his knee while we were taking a walk.  While I was tucking him into bed he looked at me and says “Mommy, I broked my knee.”  God love it!

Have a blessed week!  I will be posting B-day pics on Thursday and Sunday!