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Rides of Passage


Looking back on when I was growing up I can remember those certain “kid” rights of passage.  For example, riding your bike without training wheels, wearing make up(for girls of course), first kiss etc.  You get the picture.

TGD has just hit his first right of passage as a four year old. I didn’t realize it until today actually when it hit me like a ton of bricks.  You know what it is?  Riding a “big boy” bike. 

We got TGD a big boy bike with training wheels for his 4th birthday.  He has been BEGGING us for one all summer….but we knew that we weren’t going to get it until his bday.  All the other boys on the street ride around on their bikes CONSTANTLY.  It is like the “thing” for boys between the ages of 4 and 6.

Ever since TGD received his bike last Sunday…he can’t stay off of it.  And now he has actually made some new neighborhood friends.  A couple of boys who rarely ever played with him come over ALL the time now begging to ride bikes with TGD.  And TGD is the cool kid on the block because he has a horn on his bike.  Be jealous. 

I am so proud of my little man and how he is growing.  He is such a sweet boy and it has been neat to see him go through his first “ride” of passage as a kid.

On a side note….he did lose a privilege on his bike.  I decided to let him ride up to the end of our street with his friend N.  Well, N started going onto the other street, which is basically a hill that goes down(it leads into a cul de sac).  TGD decided that he was going to go to.

TGD is JUST starting to learn how to control his bike, use the brakes, etc. So big hills going down are NOT good.  You can see where this might be going. 

Well, I’m flying down the street with Miss Priss in my arms telling yelling at him to stop.  Of course he doesn’t listen to a word I say and turns down the hill.  Next thing I knew he was GONE.  I just KNEW he had crashed and broken something.

I get to the end of the street completely out of breath(packing an extra 27lb human being is no easy feat).  Guess what?!? By some miracle he ended up gaining enough speed to go over a curb into someone’s driveway.  No damage done and he didn’t even crash.

I was relieved, but he lost his privilege to go up the street for a while.  He could have been seriously hurt if he crashed.  I am considering getting him knee and elbow pads.  He already wears a helmet.

I know I know.  That would totally make me the “uncool” mom and he would totally be the uncool kid.  But safety before style, right? 


I hope you have a blessed weekend!


Mrs. C