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I’d Like You to Introduce You To…..



Meet Leonidas.  He was the start of our “rodent adoption” as my husband calls it.  He was a pet at the preschool my son goes to.  Long story short….there is a kid at the school that is severely allergic to animal dander(????) so he had to leave.  My friend Amy’s mom is an assistant at the preschool and gave “Elmo” a home.  She has a cat who wanted to eat him.  I went to her house and got suckered into buying the little guy.  His name changed to Leonidas(thanks Mr. C).  He is quite the biter.  He loves his little exercise ball and apples!  We are happy to have him in our home and we are keeping him a secret from Trent(he is at the beach…more about that later in the post).


Meet Delilah. She was adopted 1 day after Leonidas joined our family.  We decided he needed a friend.  She is still a “baby”…not sure how old she is.  She LOVES to be held.  She also likes licking fingers.  Unfortunately, Leonidas keeps trying to “hump” her, as Mr. C so eloquently put it.  She is definitely a little sweetie. Maybe we will have some hamster babies in the future?


Miss Priss is adjusting quite well to “school.”  She LOVES her teachers so much!  If you are in the Lexington area Calvary Baptist Mother’s Day Out program is AMAZING!  ❤ It is so weird having just her here.  She has never been an “only child” and had just mine and Jonathon’s attention because TGD has always been here.  I think she is enjoying her alone time….but she stills asks about “Bubba.”  She likes to talk to him on the phone at night when he calls.   She is seriously getting SOOO big…where does time go?

Last, but certainly not least, here are some pictures from TGD’s vacay with his grandparents:

The Beach! The Beach!

Holding the letter and sucker I sent with him in his backpack. *Tear* I cried when I saw this picture.


Feeding the birds!

TGD has left us for the week to take a little vacay in Myrtle Beach with his Mimi and Papaw.  I was EXTREMELY sad when he left and have shed many tears over it…but I know that he is having a blast.  He will be getting back this Sunday and I can’t wait to see him.  So far he has gone to the beach everyday since Sunday.  He LOVES feeding the seagulls.   I haven’t heard from him tonight, but I’m pretty sure they went to the aquarium tonight.   I will be sharing more pictures and details throughout the week.

Have a blessed day!